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Winter Bucket List: Ultimate List of Things to Do in Winter

Your ultimate winter bucket list to beat the blues of the season.

Things to do in the winter Pinterest graphic

Finding fun things to do in the winter can be a challenge, especially during those dark and boring days.

It’s a fact that dull days usually lead to unhealthy habits, such as eating a lot, spending too much, or being too much on social media.

So nothing better than a winter bucket list to give you some extra motivation through this season.

While this list of things to do in winter does have items like cooking and going out, it also has a healthy balance of winter activities to keep both your body and mind busy and happy.

We’ll mention loads of those fun activities in winter for adults that are ideal to do with the whole family, friends, and just for couples. Some are even ideal to do with your kids if you wish so, like building a snowman.

Snowmen are always so much fun.

Anyway, these are some excellent ideas about what to do in the winter. If you want more inspiration for, let’s say, a travel bucket list, check out our ultimate USA bucket list here.

Looking for excellent winter bucket list ideas? Read on!

Couples winter bucket list

Winter bucket list: snowball fight
Winter bucket list: snowball fight

Enjoy the most romantic season of the year with your significant other.

There are many bonding things you can do together. From fun activities to romantic escapes, you two can have a fantastic winter without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas on what to do in the winter with your significant other:

Have a snowball fight in the yard

Go on a winter hike in the city’s park or in a national park

Do a massive jigsaw puzzle together

Leave your phones at home and have a tech-free day

Go stargazing with a hot chocolate in hand

Plan your future together

Have a romantic breakfast in bed

Plan your spring bucket list

Open your blinds and watch the snowfall while cuddling

Get a relaxing couples massage

Rent a cozy cabin in the woods and make a bonfire together in a romantic weekend escape

Go on a double-date with some friends

Volunteer in an animal shelter

Cook a new dish together

Write each other a romantic letter

Go on a romantic road trip around the state

Binge-watch a new Netflix or TV series

Cuddle by the fire

Remake your first date

Get naughty in every room of your house

Go beer or wine tasting

Do good, feel-good – list of winter activities

Winter bucket list: help others
Things to do in the winter: help others

With the cold weather and gray days, many people experience the winter blues more than others.

Also, the cold makes loads of people feel alone, but with simple acts, you can change someone else’s day. (And yours too.)

There is no better way to increase your own happiness than by helping someone in need. It’s scientifically proven that when you do good, you also feel good.

Here are some fun things to do in winter:

Decorate an elderly person’s home

Send a Christmas card to soldiers overseas

Participate in a fundraiser with your friends

Offer to shovel out someone’s car

Offer to shovel out someone’s sidewalk

Throw salt on your sidewalk

Do a random act of kindness

Give out cookies or candies to kids in the hospital

Volunteer at a Soup-Kitchen

Knit hats and scarfs for homeless people

Clear snow off street signs and fire hydrants

Check on elderly neighbors before and after a storm

Leave hand warmers with a nice note in your mailbox for the mail carrier

Donate warm clothing

Give homemade cookies to your neighbors

Make a freezer meal for a friend

Donate craft supplies to a local library

Volunteer in an animal shelter

Do a polar plunge for charity

Write a “thank you” note to someone

Donate toys to the Salvation Army

Christmas bucket list ideas

Christmas market in Birmingham
Friendly Christmas market

While you have the whole winter to do cozy winter things, make yourself a Christmas bucket list to celebrate this family holiday.

After all, what better way to celebrate Christmas time than to have a Christmas bucket list that you can work to complete by the 25th!

Here are some ideas for you:

Buy and decorate a Christmas tree

Decorate the house (inside and out) with Christmas lights

Go on a self-guided Christmas lights tour through your city

Send out Christmas cards to friends or family members who live far away from you

Have a Christmas movie marathon, but don’t forget the popcorn

Hang cute Christmas stockings

Make different types of hot cocoa

Watch an old Christmas movie by the fire

Make at least one Christmas treat

Buy cute Christmas socks

Build a snowman and dress him in Christmas clothing

Make homemade gifts for your friends and family

Have a Secret Santa party with Christmas music in the background

Sip on hot chocolate by the fire

Make a beautiful wreath for your front door

Try a new winter recipe you’ve never heard before

Attend a tree lighting ceremony in your town

Plan your Christmas morning breakfast

Bake Christmas cookies in all shapes

Drink mulled wine to warm you up

Visit a Christmas market and indulge in seasonal food

Fun things to do in the winter

Two small snowmen in a Christmas market
Your winter bucket list

Sunlight, fresh air, and physical activities are essential to keep your mental and physical health.

The cold weather makes us a bit lazy sometimes, and the couch seems surprisingly inviting.

But make a little effort to go outside and don’t seclude yourself from the world. Once you get out of your home, you’ll instantly feel better.

Here are some fun things to do in the winter:

Visit a museum in your town

Go ice skating

Hold a bonfire with friends

Sleep in an Ice hotel

Go indoor swimming

Build a snowman

Go sledding with your besties

Go skiing with your siblings

Learn snowboarding

Go caroling

Train for a 5k race

Go on a winter road trip

Try a new restaurant in town

See the Nutcracker Ballet

Learn a new language

Relax at a spa with friends

Visit all Christmas markets near you

Take cooking classes

Go to the gym and burn all calories from the season

Check free winter activities near you

Dress up and have a Clue dinner with friends

Travel winter bucket list

Winter bucket list: visit Paris
Paris is certainly a very romantic city

Winter is a magical season for us. The Christmas lights and scents give the season a charming atmosphere.

But sometimes we like to escape the cold, or even just our town, to enjoy the cold weather somewhere else.

In fact, we do this quite often as my husband hates the dull days here in the Netherlands.

For that reason, we’ll give you some incredible ideas about places worth visiting this winter.

We’ve experienced first-hand most of these ideas. That’s why we vouch for them.

Here are some travel winter bucket list ideas:

Marvel at the Northern Lights in Tromso, one of the northernmost cities in the world

Have a romantic winter in Paris, the city of love

Be grateful for our freedom at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Berlin

Go on one of the fantastic day tours from Dublin and enjoy small towns like Doolin and Galway (but don’t forget to come back home with some Irish souvenirs for your family!)

Stroll around the gingerbread houses in Amsterdam

Have a Christmas sun vacation in Lisbon

Go on a fantastic road trip in Ireland

Celebrate NYE in the magical Paris

Visit a fairytale village in the Netherlands, Giethoorn, which has almost no roads

Go skiing in a magical village in Switzerland

Learn how to dance tango in Buenos Aires

Marvel at the Cliffs of Moher, a wonder of nature

Eat currywurst in Aachen, one of the best Christmas markets in Germany

Eat the perfect goulash in Budapest

Plan a trip to Paris to experience a fantastic organ concert at the Sacre-Coeur on Christmas Eve

Give yourself a Christmas gift to Disneyland Paris

Warm up in one of Dublin pubs

Celebrate a warm Christmas in Brazil

Go on a day trip from Amsterdam and spend a day in the medieval city of Maastricht

Go island hopping in Greece

Visit the first Starbucks in Seattle

Treat yourself a stay in a castle hotel in Ireland

Indulge in Dutch food in Amsterdam

Things to do at home in winter

Things to do in the winter: Fondue
Things to do in the winter: A delicious fondue with friends

For when it’s below 32F (0C), blizzard-like conditions, or pitch dark, you will need some indoor activities to keep you busy.

While spending the day in front of the laptop or tv might look inviting, use the winter months to find a new hobby, talent, or interest.

Here are some things to do at home in the winter:

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Do some DIY decor items

Bake a naked cake

Try a new cuisine

Read one book every week

Plan your summer vacation

Cook an easy Valentine’s Day dessert

Take an online class about photography, marketing, personal development, or anything you want

Make various courses of fondue with veggies, cheese, and chocolate

Host a movie marathon with your best friends

Organize and de-clutter the cabinets, wardrobes, and the rest of your home

Host a board or video game tournament

Start a bullet journal and keep track of your mood, period, expenses, weight, and activities

Make a stained-glass window for your home

Have a karaoke night with friends over a few glasses of wine

Make an advent calendar for the month

Throw a pajama party with your besties

Make your own ornaments

Build a gingerbread house

Host an ugly sweater party and competition

Have a complete home-spa day to deep-condition your hair, apply face masks, and do your pedi and mani too

Final words on your winter bucket list

A winter bucket list is an excellent motivation to get off the couch and enjoy the scents and charms of the season.

By finding new things to do in winter, you can also easily beat the blues that come with those dark and gray days.

Let yourself get inspired to find new hobbies or who knows to travel to unique travel destinations around the world.

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