Couple smiling in front of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Hi there, we are Bruna & Frank

Hi there! We’re Bruna and Frank, creators of Maps ‘N Bags. We travel together since 2015 and, so far, we have been to plenty of countries in Europe and South America, but we don’t plan to stop. Nope, not yet!

For now, we’re based in the Netherlands, but we do enjoy going on weekend getaways, city trips, and on beach vacations across the globe. This way, we can gather a bunch of travel tips and share all of them with you!

At Maps ‘N Bags, we share our cultural discoveries and loads of practical travel tips to help you travel more, better, and easier! Sounds good, right? And it is, but there is more! We also bring up unpopular truths so you can understand other places better and be a responsible tourist. Ready?!

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