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Shiba Inu in travel memes for your holidays

Sharing is sexy!

Memes are a crucial part of internet nowadays. You can basically describe everything you want and all situations with the right meme. 

Yes, every situation has a funny, sassy side to be explored and travel is no different. For that reason, I’ve made this complete list with funny travel memes that describe before, during, and after a vacation. With each one can you relate the most? #45 describes me at best. LOL.

Anyway, these are the best and funniest travel related memes, so feel free to share it on your social media.

1. When I see a friend is going on vacation

Travel meme of a man holding a sword and white text on the photo.
Oh, yeah…here we go again!

2. When I visit a photo hotspot in the afternoon

Buzz Lightyear and Woody on a travel meme.
Sooo many times! Everywhere in Europe!

3. Me in a foreign city and going back to the hotel after a few drinks

Travel meme of Gandalf.
Yep, guilty here!

4. Last day before going on a trip

Travel meme of a happy blond woman dancing on the mountains.
LOVE this feeling! LOL

5. When you go on a trip to Western Europe

Travel meme of a man at the office.
Have you tried to buy a souvenir in Vienna?! Gosh, it’s disrespectful!

6. Traveling the world is a school without walls

Travel meme of Yoda.
Wise words. Wise quotes.

7. When a friend calls me to go on a road trip

Two alpacas meme.

8. My British friends can relate to this

Johnny Depp meme.
Sorry, guys!

9. Me planning a backpacking trip

Which buttons should I press meme.
Oh, such a difficult decision!

10. And he also forgot his headphones

Bad Luck Bryan meme laughing.
And the crew didn’t have headphones either.

11. My whole life is a lie

Matrix what if I told you meme.
That’s right. Holland is a name to represent two provinces in the NL. Now you know.

12. I mean… why take pictures with your phone if you can also carry around a giant iPad, right?

Man wearing red clothes holding his head.
Especially parents are guilty here.

13. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Cartoon of a person holding his head down.
Low budget airlines, where are you?

14. C’mon guys, you are the guests in their country

Black man in a blue suit clapping hands
It’s a rarity nowadays
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15. When I see that my friends have booked a trip to Paris

Man holding a sword and white text on the photo.
Every time a friend goes to France…

16. This is the beginning of a fantastic trip

Baby eating sand in a travel meme.
So far, so good.

17. Wurst joke ever!

Three photos of a Husky
I love this meme ♥

18. I usually bring my own soaps, but still…

Man drinking xx beer in a black suit
I can’t help myself

19. I think we can all relate to this one

Car making sharp curve travel meme.
I won’t have financial stability even if I stay at home, so what’s the point?

20. Nobody is going to stop me

Cat walking on a wooden floor like a boss.
Nope. See y’ll in 2 weeks!

21. My mind is telling me no, but my body…

Girl wearing red out of focus and boy turning around to look at her.
…my body is telling yesssss!

22. One of the most cliche photos ever

White girl being bored in a travel meme.
I feel like going around high-fiving all the people with their hands up

23. When I hear two people talking behind me in the queue

Cartoon of a boy with orange hair
Sometimes it’s just challenging to understand

24. Well you can’t have it all if you choose to fly with a budget airline 😉  

Man of the Lord of the Rings talking in a travel meme "One does not simply"
On very rare occasions, I can reserve a seat in the emergency exit row

25. My expectations were too high…

Woman crying in a travel meme about first world problems and Instagram.

26. At first, I thought it was a bit awkward to travel solo

Penguin in red and blue background on a travel meme.
But then I realized that it’s really liberating

27. Because you’ll never know when you’re going to need it 😉

Black man smiling and pointing at his head in a travel meme.
Well… shit happens!

28. Especially when you left from a cold place, and it’s nice and warm at your destination

Seal with eyes closed on a travel meme.
It feels good at first but then your backpack takes forever to arrive at the baggage carousel and you’re not amused anymore

29. Make my passport great again

Donald Trump holding an open book
No fake news here!

30. If you can afford a latte macchiato every day…

Wonka wearing purple and smiling in a travel meme about coffee.
Honestly, who goes to Starbucks every day?
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31. Prepared my tablet with some nice movies for my flight  

Baby eating sand in a travel meme.
Here we go, Netflix!

32. Only winter vacation that I’m really looking forward to

Boy wearing brackets smiling in a plaid sweater.
Those things only happen to me!

33. Virtual competitions are no longer PC games

Kermit, a green frog drinking tea in a travel meme.
The Hunger Games!! LOL

34. When the drunk guy who was talking loud at the airport lounge gets into your flight

Dog looking worried at the camera
I hate people like that on flights!

35. The struggle is real

Woman starring at a world map on the wall.
Where am I going next?

36. There is one thing…

Husky smiling in a travel meme.
I like puns, so what?

37. I wish life were this simple. Too dreamy to me!

Travel meme of a map and a man drowning.
There 70% of change it would fall in the ocean.

38. I mean…seriously, what’s the point?

Woman looking at boarding pass.
I just don’t get it

39. I’m just trying to smile the pain away

Old man sitting in front of a laptop and holding a white mug in a travel meme
The struggle is real

40. My life is a lie

Surprised man in a party travel meme
I honestly didn’t know that

41. Well, it’s gonna take a while…

Skeleton on a bench travel meme.
Have you seen how crowded that place is?

42. Why is it so surprising? A staycation is also fun

Travel meme of The Rock driving a blond girl
People ask “Why are you throwing away free days?” And I’m like “whaaat?!”

43. I have a cabinet full of them at home

Boromir travel meme
It’s just impossible

44. Apparently, there is a whole discussion online about who get the armrests

Boy wearing a cap is standing next to a white door
Oh, well…

45. Packing is always a problem. Period.

Cartoon packing his suitcase
This happens every single trip
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46. Not sure why people do it

Little boy is not amused.
Clapping as in “Thank you for not letting me die”

47. I think I’m watching too much television

Awkward penguin in a travel meme
And they always pull me aside to do a full scan of my pockets…

48. When on a flight

Girl twisting her lips in disapproval.
And you just wait for an opportunity to claim it back

49. This is the start of a great holiday

Seal travel meme of aircrew closing a plane's door
Happiness. Relief. That’s all I feel.

50. It happens more often then you think

Bad luck Bryan travel meme
Like the couple who went to El Salvador to watch a World Cup soccer match that was actually happening in Salvador, Brazil

51. That’s all I think about

Cartoon celebrating vacation
Yaaay! I always search for local dishes beforehand 🙂
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52. They had no idea of what it would become

Collage of photos of people in an airplane.
Or when people take off their shoes…Urgh!

53. I’ll just sit here and wait

Skeleton on a bench travel meme.
Plane tickets just get more expensive every day!

54. It’s jam-packed with tourists

Boromir in a travel meme
It’s just impossible. At least 500 people are hanging in each letter…

55. We all have that friend…

Girl smoking and drinking in a travel meme.
“Food in Europe is amazing!”, she said

56. Oh, give me a break!

Asian girl touching her orange glasses.
I spent 4 days in Paris last year. “When I lived in Paris…”

57. When you’re traveling on a budget and need to save money on food

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a meme
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58. Getting there

Challenge accepted travel meme.
Whoa, I’m halfway there

59. You and your gf are going for a weekend getaway

Asian girl wearing huge backpack
Oh, I didn’t pack my favorite shoes

60. Sorry, got no time for that

Lemur in a travel meme and a red background
No, it’s not gonna happen today, nor this week

61. Every time I say I’m going on a solo vacation

Robert Downey jr Travel Meme
Cast the first stone who never had to hear this

62. When people ask you why you travel

Man smiling in green clothes
Well, it’s true. LOL

63. When you take a long-haul flight

High guy in a travel meme
A travel machine indeed. LOL

64. When people walk around with a selfie stick

Cartoon guy closing his eyes in a travel meme
They don’t even put it down to look at the place themselves

65. Waiting for travel pun memes

Guy holds in a fart travel meme
We all love those memes, right?

66. Oh, well…

Anne Kendrick travel meme

67. When your flight is at 6 am

Grumpy cat travel meme
Nope. Nothing good about it.

68. Solo travel issues

Joker travel meme explaining something
Unfortunately, it’s true

69. When the airport is huge

John Travolta confused travel meme
I got lost and I didn’t even leave town

70. When you go on your first holidays overseas

Doge travel meme
Going through the roof

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