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10 Amazing Things to Do in The Hague

The third-largest city in the Netherlands, The Hague is home to the Dutch government and royal family. The city also houses many exceptionally interesting attractions.

The Hague is full of mansions and pleasant green parks to wander around, which gives an elegant feeling to the city. It also has a huge international community since most embassies are located there.

There are a lot of things to do in The Hague, the Dutch political capital, but I’ve indicated only the best 10 points of interest below. Also, this is a perfect day trip from Amsterdam due to its proximity.

Only 50 minutes by train. Read further to find inspiration on what to see in The Hague.

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Have you ever been to a miniature park? And a miniature park of a cute country? I find the architecture in the Netherlands gorgeous! So, you can understand why I adore this place, right?

Madurodam is an open-air representation of many Dutch cities and buildings in 1:25 scale. And a very beautiful one, by the way.

There are windmills, the Dutch parliament, the Dam Square in Amsterdam, you name it! All in miniature! This is a fantastic way to see a city in the Netherlands where you haven’t been yet. I’m sure you will find inspiration on places to visit in the country!

Madurodam is, without doubt, one of the best things to do in The Hague! Seriously, don’t miss it! Also, you shouldn’t miss the mini clog factory. You can buy a little clog there!

2.Binnenhof – Dutch Parliament

The Dutch parliament isn’t as fancy as the one in Budapest or as huge as the one in Bucharest, but it has its own charm. The Binnenhof was built in the 13th century which makes it the oldest parliament building in the world (still in use)!

You can take a tour of the parliament to see the contrast between the old and new. The old Senate and the New House of Representatives to be more specific.

Ah, and the gorgeous Hall of the Knights of course. It’s worth the visit! Take a walk around the stunning Hofvijver after you’ve visited the Mauritshuis (next item).

The Hofvijver is the lake right next to the Binnenhof. Once you’re on the other side of the lake, look back at the parliament.

You will have a beautiful view of the old parliament with some modern buildings in the background.



During the 17th century, the Dutch economy was at full power. For that reason, they call it the Golden Age. The best collection of Dutch paintings from that period is in the Mauritshuis.

This museum was built in 1636 and is located next to the Binnenhof. The paintings in the exhibition are fantastic, including Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

This is possibly one of the most famous Dutch paintings, along with Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”, in the Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.


4.Escher Museum

This museum is a must-see in The Hague! The work of the brilliant Escher is exposed in this little palace. His art creates optical illusions that play with our brains!

It is very interesting to try to decipher them. Have you ever watched the movie “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio? They show the Penrose Stairs paradox in the movie, which is inspired by Escher’s art.

The highlight of the exhibition is the 7-meters long illustration of Metamorphosis III.

entrance-building-old-CC BY 2.0

Photo by Andrew CrumpCC BY2.0

5.Panorama Mesdag Museum

Many paintings are impressive in the Mesdag Museum, but nothing beats the 120 meters panoramic painting on the ground floor. This art shows the Scheveningen beach (in The Hague) in the 19th century.

And by the way, the atmosphere in the room is thematic! There are sand and beach objects to make you feel part of the scene. It really feels real! It also makes you wonder how long it took to get complete because this painting is enormous.

This museum is unexpectedly interesting, and it is one of the things you can do in The Hague that you won’t regret. A visit takes max 1 hour.

brown-building-entrance-CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo by Marion Golsteijn CC BY-SA 3.0

6.Gemeente Museum The Hague

Have you ever heard of the Delft Blue or Delftware? They are white and blue Dutch porcelain pieces made in and around the city of Delft during the Golden Age.

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag has the finest and largest exhibition of Delftware in the Netherlands. Many Dutch souvenirs carry the Delft Blue. The museum also has a great collection of Mondriaan, one of the creators of an art movement called “De Stijl”.

De Stijl is a geometrical abstract art style. Dutch people are very proud of it, by the way. You can see Mondriaan’s work in many buildings throughout the Netherlands.


7.The Pier Scheveningen

If you’re visiting it on a sunny day, which is something to be really happy about in the Netherlands, drink a glass of wine or beer on a terrace. It’s a very pleasant place to spend some time and enjoy the view.

Ah, almost forgot! If the weather is clear you may enjoy the view from the Ferris wheel. Or who knows bungee jump? Yeah, a bungee jump tower composes the view of the pier!

Are you up to some adrenaline too? Bad weather? Don’t worry, the seats on the Ferris wheel are enclosed, so you can still enjoy it in the winter. Also, take a look in the lower section of the pier, which is full of shops to walk by.


8.Peace Palace

Modernism meets the traditional art in the interior design of this gorgeous palace. Pay a visit to it so you can learn more about the work of the International Court of Justice, which is based there.

There is a symbolic monument in front of it, the World Peace Flame. All the 197 independent countries in the world sent a stone to build the pathway around the flame. It’s a stunning place!


9.The Hague Tower

Have a panoramic view of The Hague from the 42nd floor. The lift with transparent walls will take you up in a smooth ride. The ticket (€9) includes a drink of your choice in the restaurant.

If the day is clear, try to spot Rotterdam’s port. 😊 The Hague Tower is the 5th highest building in The Hague. Don’t forget that only 50% of the Netherlands lies one meter above sea level.

So, this tower is definitely higher than most of the constructions in the country.

The Hague has a lot of attractions and a good dose of the Dutch culture to offer. The city is a perfect day trip from Amsterdam and has enough attractions to keep you busy for much more than a day. Read further to discover the best things to do in The Hague. #TheHague #ThingsToDo #Itineraries #Netherlands

Photo by Vincent van Zeijst CC BY-SA 3.0

10.Louwman Museum

This museum has an amazing collection of vehicles from different generations. Even if you’re not a car lover, this is an interesting place to visit.

Its extensive exhibition includes sport-cars, carriages, and unique models. Not the usual kind of thing you would expect to do in the Netherlands, I know. But if you have some time left, check out this museum.

red-car-blue-car-CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo by Zairon CC BY-SA 4.0


Walk by the Dutch king’s workplace, the Noordeinde Palace. The palace is one of the three Royal family residences, but unfortunately, it isn’t open to the public. So, all we can do is photograph the outside, which is gorgeous, by the way!

Hey, looking for more tips for your next trip to the Netherlands? Check out some of our other posts below, or click here to find all of our Netherlands posts.

The Hague is an elegant city just waiting to be discovered by you. Which places are you planning to visit in The Hague? And which other Dutch cities are you including in your itinerary?

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Sunday 18th of February 2018

I only ever think of The Hague in terms of Europe and politics and yet it has so much to offer, I'll add to our list when visiting the area next time

Bruna Venturinelli

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Hi Amanda,

Exactly! That is what comes up first when we hear The Hague, but there is so much more to see! It's a very interesting place!


the unending journey

Sunday 18th of February 2018

You always hear "the Hague" but, as a city, I knew absolutely nothing. Thank you for the information! The city seems amazing. Several of those museums I'd love visit.

Bruna Venturinelli

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Yes, the name is very famous, but many people have no idea how the city really is. There is way more than Amsterdam in the Netherlands. :)


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Hey Bruna. I'm often in the Netherlands visiting my husband's family but have only been to the Hague a couple of time, and once was just cycling through. Thanks for all the tips!

Bruna Venturinelli

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Hi Tanya,

Glad I can help! :)


Lenise Calleja

Saturday 17th of February 2018

Interesting tips on a not so usual destination in the Netherlands. Also nice shots. Thanks for sharing your views :)

Bruna Venturinelli

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Thanks, Lenise! Glad you liked it! :)


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Lovely blog post. Never imagined there's so many things to do in Hague and now I kind of want to go and explore it by myself... Thank you for the share, that's all really valuable information here :-)

Bruna Venturinelli

Sunday 18th of February 2018

Thanks, Mina! Glad you liked it! There are certainly several things to do in The Hague. Many more activities than I listed in this post. :)