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11 Fantastic Cabins with Hot Tubs in Texas

Stop whatever you are doing; imagine spending your next weekend in a fantastic cabin, soaking in a nice hot tub with the beautiful Texas night sky above you.

Well, this doesn’t have to be all in your imagination.

Why not just continue reading our list of 11 fantastic cabins with hot tubs in Texas, from north to south, and choosing the one that speaks to you the most?

Then what will be left for you to do is to decide who you are taking with you on a memorable and relaxing getaway.

Quite easy, isn’t it!

Planning an incredibly romantic weekend for you and your boo? Then make sure to check out this list of the most romantic cabins in Texas!

Editors’ picks: 11 Fantastic Cabins with Hot Tubs in Texas

Here is our list of some of the most fantastic cabins with hot tubs Texas has to offer! Grab a glass of your favorite wine and read along!

Enchanting hot tub cabin in Boerne, Texas

The first Airbnb on our list is a small piece of paradise!

When you first see this cute little cabin, located near Boerne in the Texas Hill Country, you will feel as if you have been transported directly into a fairytale.

Sitting quietly in the back of the hosts’ property, the rental has everything you might need for a relaxing stay—rocking chairs, a hammock, fire pit, and an outdoor hot tub, perfect for stargazing.

This cute little cabin in Boerne is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Your guide to best cabins with hot tubs in Texas! – Image courtesy of Airbnb

A well-equipped kitchen is also waiting to be used by you and three other people for a light breakfast.

And for lunch and dinner, you can go all-in in the communal outdoor kitchen that features a propane grill, fridge, sink, and eat-at bar.

The inside of the cabin is adorable and full of colors, charming decorations, and modern facilities.

Make sure to keep an eye out for free-roaming chickens and a friendly Armadillo!

Also, buy all your groceries in advance because you wouldn’t want to leave this lovely escape!

Hot tub hunters cabin in Canyon Lake, Texas

No, you don’t have to be a hunter to stay at this cabin. It is just disguised as one!

Perfectly nestled in an oak mott, this great little rental is far enough for you to get out of the city, but close enough to the area’s wine and whiskey stops.

It is the perfect romantic getaway to spend some time with your partner, cuddling next to the fireplace and soaking together in the outdoor private hot tub.

This hot tub hunters cabin is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The inside of the cabin contrasts to the outside—it is very modern, sleek, and minimal.

You get a dining table and a gas grill on the oversized patio, where you can enjoy romantic dinners under the beautiful Texas night sky.

And for dessert? Sit in the two bright blue chairs at the fire pit and make some smores!

Cute hot tub cabin in Brenham, Texas with a hot tub 

If you are longing for a family or friend retreat, this cabin will be the one for you since it can accommodate up to 6 people.

The Airbnb is situated on a vast, beautiful property that begs to be explored according to visitors. The place is serene, secluded, and peaceful.

The cabin itself is adorable inside and out! The decor is simple but charming. The place looks tiny, but it has everything you might need.

This cute hot tub cabin in Brenham is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

You are even provided with breakfast by the lovely host!

The star of the show is the large private deck at the edge of a pecan grove. It is equipped with a gas grill and a hot tub.

If you are lucky enough to catch some light rain while staying in this cabin, make sure to cuddle up in the hot tub. You will see why!

Breathe the fresh air and enjoy a coffee by the deck while enjoying the view.  

There is no Wi-Fi available. However, you can bring your furry friend to this weekend getaway, which is definitely a plus.

Romantic cabin in Granbury, Texas with a hot tub

Your dreams have been heard! If you were looking for a romantic cabin getaway with a hot tub, this is for you.

This romantic cabin has not one but two private tubs for you and your loved one to enjoy—a modern bathtub for two and an outdoor hot tub.

This cozy cabin is secluded enough to feel peaceful while being close enough to town for a quick dinner trip.

The kitchen is exceptionally well-equipped, and there is also a fire pit, which makes romantic dinners extremely easy.

This romantic cabin in Granbury is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The cabin is rustic on the outside but very modern on the inside. The decor is clean and minimal.

Just wait until you see the bathroom—spacious and contemporary walk-in shower, a beautiful tub, and the most beautiful blue sink we have ever seen!

That is not all! Guests rave about the outdoor hot tub and the porch swing. The gorgeous view from the porch is supposedly breathtaking at all times of the day–the ideal spot for a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

Our suggestion- taking a nap with your boo on the hanging bed/swing outside!

Modern cabin getaway with a hot tub in Granbury, Texas

This next cabin in Granbury is rented out by the same host as the previous one. That means only one thing—rustic luxury!

Take a step away from your routine’s hustle and bustle and dive into complete relaxation and romance of this place.

This modern cabin getaway is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

We hear that the king-sized bed feels like you are sleeping on clouds and that the lavish bathroom will blow your mind!

You also get the same beautiful porch with an outdoor hot tub, the fire pit, and the well-equipped kitchen.

And for those of you who can’t live without coffee—a fully-stocked coffee and tea bar!

There might be some microwave popcorn waiting for you, as well!

Tiny cabin with a hot tub in Flint, Texas

This Tyler Airbnb was named “No. 1 in Tyler Area for 2018,” and there is a reason for that.

The cabin is charming and custom-built. Plants are hanging on both sides of the front door of the “Little Reata.”

Does the name sound familiar?

This tiny cabin in Flint is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The cabin got its name from the Epic film “Giant,” starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean.

This tiny home is ideal for a couple or a small family. If you are claustrophobic, however, you might want to skip this one.

The interior is homey and cozy with a lovely rustic feel. Keep in mind that you would have to climb to the loft if you want to access the queen-sized bed!

There is a beautiful shared hot tub outside and a fire pit for smores!

Log cabin with a hot tub near Canyon Lake, Texas

This cabin was hand-crafted from trees harvested from the property!

If you and your loved one want to feel secluded but still within a few minutes to restaurants and the market, you might want to consider spending your next vacation in this wonderful cabin!

This log cabin near Canyon Lake is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The interior is very rustic and cozy. The kitchen is fully-equipped and ready for any cooking ideas you might have. You also have a fire pit for cooking and to keep you warm.

The best part has to be the hot tub with a fantastic view of the surroundings. Another bonus—a colossal back porch facing a deer feeder, where you can watch the animals and birds eat their breakfast and dinner!

If you’re looking for a relaxing place with epic scenery, this cabin is your best bet!

Unique cabin getaway with a hot tub in Lumberton, Texas

This cabin in Texas has so many unique and beautiful touches; we don’t know where to start.

It is the perfect place for a honeymoon or a romantic retreat as it offers a fantastic nature experience–glamping in style.

This unique cabin getaway in Lumberton is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

Situated along a waterway, you are surrounded by beautiful nature. The owners even added more greenery around the cabin!

The rental is entirely made out of light wood, and the ceiling is somewhat transparent, which lets so much light inside.

The bed is suspended from the ceiling. In front of it, you will see gorgeous dark blue french doors that provide you with a lovely view of the river!

There are an outdoor shower and an outdoor hot tub perfect for any romantic getaway.

And the best part?

The one of a kind 6,000lb solid rock bathtub from Indonesia. You have to experience this place for yourself!

Shabby chic cabin in Kennard, Texas with a hot tub

Full of sweet little touches, this next cabin will probably take your breath away and make all your girly dreams come true!

Lush gardens and natural beauty surround it.

Beyond that, the inside of the Airbnb is just magical!

This shabby chic cabin in Kennard is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

Everything, and we mean really everything, is either white or pink. The decor is sweet and cute—full of thoughtful touches that will make you feel at home.

There is no fully-equipped kitchen, but who needs it when you are surprised with a tasty, warm breakfast at your door every morning!

Every, and we mean really every, guest is raving about how good the food was.

No Wi-Fi?

No problem. Spend more quality time in the saltwater pool! Or the outdoor hot tub that, according to many guests, is definitely the icing on the cake!

Lovely cabin with a hot tub near Fredericksburg, Texas

The cabin is located 15 miles from Fredericksburg and 15 miles from Comfort, out by the Old Tunnel State Park, also known as the “Bat Tunnel.”

The Milky Way cabin got its name because of its rooftop deck. From there, you can see beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and bright stars–making it the perfect weekend getaway in the Texas Hill Country.

This lovely cabin near Fredericksburg is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The studio lacks Wi-Fi, so don’t bring your work there with you! Enjoy your loved one’s company, and use all your time to reconnect and make good memories.

The interior of the rental is simple but very homey. The art used to decorate the cabin is made by a Texas artist–nice local touch!

There is an electric indoor fireplace, air conditioning, and heating. No matter what time of the year you are visiting, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

A fabulous shared hot tub is waiting for you and your significant other outside. Enjoy each other’s company among the beautiful surroundings and the many trees.

The cool part about this cabin is that you have locally sourced breakfast items like fresh farm eggs included in your stay!

If you are interested in exploring Fredericksburg and all this quaint town offers, check out our list of the best Airbnbs in Fredericksburg TX!

Longing for some time away with your special someone in the same area? Then make sure to read through our list of romantic cabins in Fredericksburg!

Rustic cabin with hot tub near Dallas, Texas

This last cabin is located in a premier resort that sits on 200 acres of East Texas woods. It is an award-winning, upscale resort and RV park in East Texas located at the famous First Monday Trade Days site.

The cabin is surrounded by greenery—bushes with bright pink flowers and trees.

The rental interior is quite simple, but it has everything for a comfortable stay like a fully-equipped kitchen, air conditioning, a TV, an indoor fireplace, and essentials.

This rustic cabin near Dallas is one of the best cabins with hot tubs in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

There is no Wi-Fi, which can be a minus if you hoped to get some work done while on your retreat.

The cabin can accommodate up to 6 people.

The resort provides access to designer infinity pools, a hot tub, as well as ponds for catch and release fishing. There are also paddle boat rentals, a multi-sport court, bike rentals, nature trails, and an onsite spa!

Still, if you’re looking at your options, and staying in Dallas is one of them, you might want to check out these hand-picked Airbnbs in Dallas.

 Cabins with hot tubs in Texas

Now let’s go back to the beginning where we told you to imagine yourself soaking in a hot tub in a beautiful Texas cabin.


Okay, now after seeing our 11 options, each special in its own way, where do you imagine spending that magical weekend?

You have a favorite, right?

Well, you can stop imagining because you can actually go there for your next vacation!

Treat yourself and surprise a loved one, or even better, the whole family with a getaway they won’t forget anytime soon!

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