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Quiz: Can you guess the name of these European landmarks?

Quiz European Landmarks Pinterest Graphic

Are you a mastermind? Are you that kind of friend that knows where every country is? Or what flag belongs to each country?

Okay then. So now we want to test your abilities. We bet you know a lot about Europe, but we’re curious if you can score 100% on this quiz. (Without cheating, of course!)

We selected famous monuments and buildings in almost every country in Europe to ask you a straightforward question: Can you name these landmarks correctly?

Of course, lots of them are absurdly famous, but others, hm, not so much. Nevertheless, they’re still significant monuments, bridges, museums in the country they are at.

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This iconic church is called...

Quiz Berlin Dom Cathedral
Correct! Wrong!

These ridiculously pretty lakes are called...

Quiz Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia
Correct! Wrong!

This pretty bridge is called...

Quiz 25th April Bridge in Lisbon
Correct! Wrong!

This beautiful lady is called...

Quiz Sacre Coeur Church in Paris
Correct! Wrong!

This stunning palace is called...

Quiz Palace of the Doge in Venice
Correct! Wrong!

This famous landmark is called...

Quiz Town Hall in Stockholm
Correct! Wrong!

This famous cathedral is called...

Quiz Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Estonia
Correct! Wrong!

This ridiculously high viewpoint is called...

Quiz Preikestolen in Norway
Correct! Wrong!

The king of this country got married here. This is the...

Quiz New Church in Amsterdam
Correct! Wrong!

This confident lady is called...

Quiz Little Mermaid in Denmark
Correct! Wrong!

This fancy bridge is called...

Quiz Tower Bridge in London
Correct! Wrong!

This beautiful museum is called...

Quiz Wawel Royal Castle in Poland
Correct! Wrong!

This basilica is over 135 years, and it isn't finished yet. This is the...

Quiz Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Correct! Wrong!

This stunning castle is nestled in a mountain range. This is the...

Quiz Peles Castle in Romania
Correct! Wrong!

This historical library is called...

Quiz Trinity Library in Dublin
Correct! Wrong!

This 17th-century manor house is called...

Quiz Troja Palace in Prague
Correct! Wrong!

This peculiar museum is called...

Quiz Atomium in Brussels
Correct! Wrong!

This majestic church is called...

Quiz Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia
Correct! Wrong!

This photogenic bridge is called...

Quiz Chain Bridge in Budapest
Correct! Wrong!

This strategically located castle is called...

Quiz Bratislava Castle
Correct! Wrong!

This breathtaking church is called...

Quiz St Charles Church in Vienna
Correct! Wrong!

This romantic place is called...

Quiz Lake Bled in Slovenia
Correct! Wrong!

This colorful cathedral is called...

Quiz St Basil's Cathedral
Correct! Wrong!

This historical site is called...

Quiz Acropolis in Athens
Correct! Wrong!

This iconic bridge is called...

Quiz Mostar Bridge in Bosnia
Correct! Wrong!

European Landmarks
Sweet Newbie

Quiz results Europe Map

Hey, don't be sad! See this as a push to learn more about Europe and its historical sites. Check out our Destinations page to get it started. Good luck!
Hm, better luck next time!

Quiz results Europe Map

Hm, that wasn't good, but we're sure you can do better! Maybe you didn't read the answers carefully? Well, it happens. You can redo the quiz or head to our Destinations page to learn a tad more about these historical sites. Either way, you'll love it.
You're getting there!

Quiz results Europe Map

You scored somewhere on the average, but it's just not good enough. We know some names can be confusing, but, as we said, you're getting there. Get to learn more about European cities on our Destinations page.
Well done!

Quiz results Europe Map

You didn't have the highest score, but you're definitely above average, so well done! Keep it up, and next time (or in the next quiz) you'll get it all right.

Quiz results Europe Map

Congratulations! Very few people reach this level, but here you are! Well done. Now share this quiz with your friends, and let's see if they can beat you. Good luck!

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