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11 Luxury Cabins In Texas (Hot Tubs, Lake Views, & More!)

Does treating yourself to a well-deserved getaway in a luxurious Texas cabin sound like something you might need right now?

Honestly, who doesn’t!

Take a few days off, escape your routine, and prepare for nothing but relaxation and pampering.

We know how stressful planning a vacation can be. That is why we crafted this list of some of the most luxurious cabins Texas has to offer.

Your only task is to take 5-minutes of your day, read along, and decide who you are bringing to your memorable getaway.

Everyone wants to feel like royalty at times, and this is your chance. Looking for the best luxury cabins in Texas to experience the natural wonders of the Lone Star State? Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Editors’ picks: The most luxurious cabins in Texas

Here is our list of some of the best luxury cabin rentals in Texas in no particular order.

Luxury cabin near Austin, Texas

This first cabin is situated on over 100 acres of private land along the San Marcos River in Wahwahtaysee Resort.

Both Austin and San Antonio are 1-hour away from you–great location to explore the Texas Hill Country–for instance the Canyon Lake.

Wahwahtaysee Resort is a luxury camping retreat that allows you to experience the beautiful wilderness and the San Marcos River in the comforts of a luxurious stay.

This camping cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

Do you know how this resort got its name?

When the owners first camped there at dusk, everything was surrounded by fireflies. And Wahwahtaysee is Native American for “firefly.”

Anyways, this river house can accommodate 2 people, so it is perfect for you and your significant other. Since there is no TV or Wi-Fi, you can both reconnect and enjoy your escape without distractions.

The interior of this rental is sleek and modern. The tiny home has everything you might need. There are a lot of large windows, making the place light and airy.

Beautiful architectural cabin in Royse City, Texas

The outside of this romantic cabin will immediately captivate you. Its design is fashioned after Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature architecture. He is considered to be the “greatest American architect of all time.”

The inside of the cabin is extremely light and full of windows. The decor is tasteful and simple. There is a beautiful see-through fireplace that separates the living room from the bedroom.

This beautiful architectural cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Isn’t this one of the most luxurious cabins in Texas? Image courtesy of Airbnb.

This rental can accommodate up to 4 people, but we think that it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. After all, isn’t Texas an excellent honeymoon destination?

Just imagine having a glass of wine and stargazing while soaking in the outdoor hot tub–there are many of these fantastic cabins with hot tubs in Texas, by the way!

Then going back inside, where the fireplace close to the bed is already burning.

You won’t want to miss out on this cabin on a romantic trip.

Unique treehouse cabin in Dallas, Texas

Tucked away in the heart of Little Forest Hills in Dallas, this wonderful, private getaway cabin is straight out of a fairy tale!

Winding gravel footpaths will lead you to a footbridge that you have to cross before entering this handcrafted rental.

You will feel as if you are one with nature in a place like this. There is a lot of light coming inside filtered through countless Japanese Maples and so many plants tucked into various corners in the house.

Magical secluded cabin is one of the most romantic cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The style is a blend of Bauhaus contemporary and warm rustic elegance.

This beautiful treehouse cabin can accommodate up to 4 people but such a secluded and romantic place will be perfect for a getaway with that special someone.

Every detail feels modern, luxurious, and unique. This treehouse cabin has everything you might need and want for an unforgettable stay.

Just look at the pictures!

Also, make sure to check out our list of some of the best Airbnb in Dallas!

Rental cabin near Lake Texoma, Dallas, Texas

This luxury cabin overlooking a small pond offers gorgeous views and great group fun prospects—paddling in the lake, swimming, or fishing.

A total of 16 guests can sleep in this rental, making it perfect for a group getaway as it has an open living area.

You can rent the cabin for a colleague retreat, family vacation, girls’ weekend away, or even a cowboy wedding (if that is your thing).

This lake house is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The interior of this lake house is both modern and rustic–filled with country charm.

You are provided with everything you might need and want—a big patio, BBQ grill, pool, hot tub, and even different board games for you to enjoy, and the Eisenhower State Park is a short drive away

When booking this lake house on Airbnb, you should keep in mind that the pond on which the house is situated is available for other people to use.

Guests from houses nearby often go fishing and swimming in the pond, limiting your privacy considering the number of windows this house has.

There is even a window in one of the showers!

Luxury Victorian cabin in Royse City, Texas

This vintage 20th century home, located in Royse City, will steal your heart away.

It can accommodate up to 8 people and it will make you want to plan a wedding so that you can get ready for the big day in this perfect vacation rental.

The exterior is very cute. You first see the mint green walls and a beautiful wrap around porch where you can enjoy the breakfast the host prepares for you every morning. It includes a pastry basket, yogurt, juice, and coffee!

This Victorian cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The interior of the cabin is light, airy, and spacious—everything goes well together.

You get a fully equipped kitchen, an indoor fireplace, and a pink bathroom and bedroom.

There is no Wi-Fi but in a place full of so much charm, who needs it!

Rustic getaway cabin in Fredericksburg, Texas

If you are a fan of rustic atmosphere, rocking chairs, cozy indoor fireplaces, and you have a dog, this is the place for you.

This Fredericksburg cabin is just a short three-mile drive from town.

You will feel secluded while still being able to enjoy everything this town has to offer, have an excellent location to discover the Texas Hill Country, and go on a wine tour or two.

This rustic cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The cabin is meant for 2 people. However, there is a possibility to rent out the place with which the cabin shares a covered breezeway.

This is the perfect arrangement for 2 couples or a family with children.

The interior of the cabin is very rustic and homey. Don’t worry, you are also provided with modern touches to help you relax—air conditioning, cable TV, an indoor fireplace, and a jetted bathtub.

Don’t even think about taking your work life with you at this getaway because there is no Wi-Fi!

The light breakfast that will be waiting for you will make your lazy late mornings even better.

Also, this town has a lot to offer, making it the perfect spot for your next getaway to the Texas Hill Country. Just read through our list of the most romantic cabins in Fredericksburg!

Spacious luxury cabin in Chico, Texas

If you want to have an unforgettable weekend with your family or friends, consider this luxury cabin rental.

It is located in the quintessential small town of Chico, Texas, which is less than an hour from Fort Worth.

The rental is private, secluded, and nestled on oak studded land. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

This spacious cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The cabin has a broad, open floor plan concept and areas perfect for large gatherings. There are many activities for children—a gaga ball pit, a big sand hill to climb, and lots of open space to ride bikes and play.

The exterior is simple and rustic but on the inside is where you will find gorgeous luxuries furniture and decorations.

This rental cabin can easily accommodate up to 12 guests.

Some of the features you can enjoy are the jetted tub, the gas grill on the back porch, and the indoor fireplace.

You can also bring your furry friends so they can enjoy the surrounding nature, as well.

FYI, you can also have your wedding here since there is a gorgeous wedding venue on-site!

Enormous rental cabin in Malakoff, Texas

If the last cabin was somehow not big enough to accommodate your friends or family, then we have an even more significant option.

This lakefront property, located near Malakoff, has fantastic views and can comfortably fit 16 people—perfect for corporate retreats, special occasions, and family groups.

This enormous cabin that can accommodate 16 people is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The outside of the house is beautiful, made out of stone, with lots of windows, and a big green yard. There is a back porch with a big table, a BBQ grill, and a back deck with a lake view.

We can already imagine the gorgeous sunsets on that deck!

The inside of the cabin looks even bigger. The decor is modern and luxurious. The kitchen is enormous and fully-stocked.

The only thing missing is you and your loved ones preparing dinner in that same kitchen before going outside to enjoy the rest of your night.

Luxurious honeymoon cabin in Wills Point, Texas

If you want an insanely romantic weekend with your significant other, look no further! This is what this next log cabin in Wills Point is made for!

What is special about it is the fact that it is brand new and built exclusively for couples!

That is why the rental has so many romantic features—a bathtub next to the bed, an oversized shower, an outdoor hot tub, an outdoor fireplace, and an incredibly comfortable porch swing bed.

Luxurious honeymoon cabin is one of the most romantic cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

Every detail will make you feel expensive! The interior is sleek and extremely modern. There are high ceilings and the place is decorated in gorgeous earth tones.

This honeymoon log cabin is where you will take time to cherish your loved one and feel like royalty!

If you are interested in rentals with a romantic atmosphere where you can spend a memorable couple of days with the one you love, make sure to check out our list of the most romantic cabins in Texas, which includes tree houses and log cabins in the Texas Hill Country and beyond!

Elegant German-style cabin in Fredericksburg, Texas

If there is a place where you will feel like an actual queen or king, it has to be this beautiful cabin!

It is located right in the heart of Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country, allowing you to explore this quaint town with ease. You are within walking distance to popular eateries, local attractions, and wine tasting rooms.

This elegant German-style cabin is one of the best luxury cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

You first see the light-colored stone exterior of the cabin with a cute covered porch. There you can enjoy the light breakfast that is provided before heading out into the heart of Texas wine country.

The inside of the cottage rental will probably take your breath away—golden, warm tones, high ceilings, stone walls, polished floors, and abundant light pouring in from the garden-facing windows.

Sounds magical, doesn’t it!

Well, there is also a custom stone gas fireplace, large walk-in shower, double vanity, private outdoor hot tub, firepit, and a king-sized bed.

The result is a perfect wine country basecamp for you and your special someone to enjoy a secluded getaway.

Unique luxury cabin in Lumberton, Texas

This wonderful cabin is the true meaning of a luxury getaway in Texas!

Nestled in the woods, this natural beauty is located along the water, near the Village Creek State Park, and is surrounded by 100s of acres of nature.

It is secluded, romantic, and magical! You really need to see the photos to understand what we mean.

Cabin with an outdoor hot tub is one of the romantic cabins in Texas.
Image courtesy of Airbnb

The walls are mostly made of windows, which will make you feel as if you are always part of the beautiful nature that surrounds the cabin.

The cabin is luxurious, and we can guarantee that you haven’t stayed at a similar place.

There is a beautiful queen-sized hanging bed with a gorgeous chandelier right above it.

Close to the cabin, you have a sitting area that will be the ideal place for having an excellent breakfast in nature.

Did we mention that there is an outdoor shower? And an outdoor hot tub? And decks for relaxing, dancing, fishing, or grilling? You can also spot an alligator from the deck, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Do you see how unique this place truly is?

Luxury cabins in Texas

No matter if you want a romantic getaway, some quality family time, or a bonding corporate retreat, each one of these luxury cabins in Texas will make you feel relaxed.

Everyone deserves to feel special and pampered from time and time.

So go on an exciting road trip in Texas, book your dream luxury cabin, grab your bags, make a list of everything you might need, pack, and just leave!

Take someone you love, explore everything Texas has to offer together, and make lovely honeymoon memories!


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